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Non-Cancerous Lesions

Skin lesions are common and affect millions of Americans nearly no one has skin completely free of blemishes, moles or other lesions. Although some lesions are or can become cancerous, the vast majority are non-cancerous. Usually, doctors and patients use the ABCD rule to assess the probability of cancer. If a mole does not present asymmetry, irregular borders, inconsistent color or a large diameter, it is often labeled to be most likely benign.

Making a Diagnosis

When a dermatologist identifies a skin lesion, the next step is to determine whether it is cancerous, pre-cancerous or benign. Often, a professional assessment can be made with nothing more than a physical examination. However, if a particular lesion appears to be changing or showing other signs of malignancy, a dermatologist may order a skin biopsy for a thorough histological review of the skin cells.

Some of the most common types of non-cancerous lesions include: Benign moles, Psoriasis, Seborrheic keratosis, Skin tags, Freckles, Lipomas, Angiomas, Dermtofibromas, Ketoids, Epidermal inclusion cysts, Sun spots (although could be pre-cancerous in some circumstances).

Remember, although most skin growths, moles and lesions are harmless and non-cancerous, it is important to seek the professional advisement of an experienced dermatologist regarding an unusual skin blemishes. Few lesions require treatment, but some seemingly harmless areas may prove to be pre-cancerous or malignant. Others may indicate the presence of an underlying health condition, such as diabetes, liver disease or hormonal imbalances.

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